Penggunaan Gadget untuk Orang Berkebutuhan Khusus

  • Rama Pratama Zulkifli Putra Universitas Boyolali
  • Fera Tri Wulandari Universitas Boyolali
Keywords: Gadget, Disabilitas, Smartphone, Aksesibilitas, Pengaturan


Recently, the use of gadgets, especially in the form of smartphones for various activities, has increased rapidly, from studying to working, all of which are done with gadgets. However, for some groups of people in Indonesia, one of them is people with disabilities or people with disabilities having difficulty using gadgets like other people use in general, some of them have difficulty operating gadgets when they have to be used directly like ordinary people do. The essence of this material is that there are accessibility features in gadgets, especially smartphones, along with their functions and how to activate the features through the default smartphone settings used. Accessibility gadgets are application features to make it easier for users to operate them. Accessibility options may vary by device and by individual operating system version. Today's gadgets have included accessibility application features in them, and this can make it easier for users to use their gadgets according to user needs. Because not all of these features cannot be activated automatically or there are even some gadgets that do not have the built-in accessibility features as needed, users must know how to install, activate, and use the features of this accessibility application.

How to Cite
Zulkifli Putra, R., & Wulandari, F. (2022). Penggunaan Gadget untuk Orang Berkebutuhan Khusus. SENYUM BOYOLALI, 3(1), 15 - 21.