JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication 2024-07-19T08:56:30+00:00 Donna Setiawati Open Journal Systems <p>JITU: Journal of Informatic Technology and Communication (e - ISSN <a href="">2620-5157</a>) which contains the results of research in the field of information and communication technology carried out by students and lecturers which is published regularly every<strong> 6 months or published twice a year</strong>.</p> User Acceptance Test Aplikasi Mobile SI CANTIK BANGSA untuk Pencatatan Kesetaraan Gender dalam Pembangunan Desa 2024-05-31T16:19:27+00:00 Arief Rais Bahtiar Rima Dias Ramadhani Novri Anto Bunga Laelatul Muna <p><em>Gender equality is a complex issue that is difficult to eliminate in a society with a strong patriarchal culture. The Gender Empowerment Index (IDG) of Kebumen Regency decreased from 66.89% in 2021 to 66.86. The Kebumen Regency Government together with Institut Teknologi Telkom Purwokerto adopted the Si Cantik Bangsa Platform to support the activities of WANI LEmPER program cadres. This study aims to test the SI CANTIK BANGSA Mobile Application for recording gender equality in village development using the User Acceptance Test (UAT) method, namely alpha testing and beta testing. The results of alpha testing with the black box method show that all application modules are functioning properly. Beta testing using the System Usability Scale (SUS) resulted in an average score of 78.25, which means the application is acceptable with a grade C and an adjective rating of "Good". In conclusion, the Si Cantik Bangsa Mobile Application can be accepted by users, but it needs system improvement. The analysis showed the 6th question had the lowest score of 2.9 and the 9th question a score of 3.1, indicating areas in need of improvement</em></p> 2024-05-31T10:25:49+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication Implementasi Structured System Analysis and Design Method pada Sistem Informasi Retribusi Pasar 2024-05-31T16:19:27+00:00 Moh. Aqil Mukhtar Alfarera Aqil Adi Susanto <p><em>Mojopanggung market is a traditional market located in mojopanggung sub-district, giri sub-district, banyuwangi regency. Based on the field survey, there are problems with the data processing system for market retribution income reports managed by market treasurers who stell have a conventional approach in processing payment data recorded in books and microsoft excel. This results in the current system having many weaknesses and limitations, increasing the risk of data loss. In addition, providing information to recapitulation officers in the field of market management becomes difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to design a website-based market levy income information system, which can handle problems that arise, where the system can be used to monitor market levy income report data, as well as facilitate the provision of information to recapitulation officers in the field of market management the design of a website-based market levy income information system was built by applying the structured system analysis and design method (SSADM). From the results of research that has been carried out, every company or government agency is encouraged to utilize information technology as a means of supporting business activities. A part from that, designing a website-based market levy income information system is very necessary and needed, in order to make it easier to provide information related to market traders’ dependents, as well as reporting levy income results and activities for monitoring data, so that in can produce levy income report data more easily and effectively</em></p> 2024-05-31T10:37:11+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication Klasifikasikan Jenis Cacat Kulit Menggunakan SMOTE-GoogLeNet 2024-06-04T00:22:32+00:00 Alifia Revan Prananda Eka Legya Frannita Erlita Pramitaningrum Anwar Hidayat Wawan Budi Setiawan Nunik Purwaningsih <p><em>Deep learning has been proven to be able to provide significant contributions to several fields, including industry. It has also been proven that it has resulted in an outstanding performance for classification, detection, and even segmentation processes. In the leather industry, it also successfully gave valuable results, especially for the leather defect inspection process. However, despite its outstanding performance, it remained a drawback because it produced insignificant results if employed in a small or imbalanced dataset. This research work focuses on the analysis of the implementation of the data balancing method for improving the performance of the deep learning method for classifying the types of leather defects. This research work was done by employing three processes. In the first step, we utilized the data balancing method to balance the data proportion. In the next step, we employed GoogLeNet as a deep learning architecture for training and testing processes. Our experiment was conducted in two scenarios. The first scenario was done by using the original dataset. Whereas the second scenario was accomplished by utilizing the data balancing method before training and testing. According to the experiment results, implementing the data balancing method successfully increased the performance of the deep learning method by more than 15%. It can be inferred that the proportion or the number of data strongly affected the performance of deep learning models.</em></p> 2024-05-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication Pengamatan Cuaca Lokal secara Multi Node dengan Internet of Things dan Django Framework 2024-06-03T00:44:53+00:00 Muh Aris Saputra Wahyu Cahyo Utomo Ahmad Bagus Setiawan Ilham Khefi Ramadhanu <p><em>Weather is one of the challenges that humans must experience in their activities. Like the MSMEs of sand crackers in Kediri Regency. This MSME uses sunlight as a means of drying products. What often becomes a problem is unpredictable weather conditions which reduce productivity and quality. Therefore, a real-time local weather observation system is needed to anticipate sudden weather changes. In this research, an IoT-based local weather condition measurement tool will be connected to a system built using the Django framework. This system and tools were tested for eight days. So it was concluded that the system was successfully built with data collection accuracy of 96.31%. Measurements are carried out every 5 minutes or a time frame of 5 minutes. In addition, this system supports observations in several places at once. This multiple node concept is used to detect local weather changes in the surrounding area. So it is not concentrated in the MSME area.</em></p> 2024-05-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication Penerapan Framework Laravel pada Website Marketing di Tera Computer 2024-07-19T08:56:30+00:00 Joni Evendi Donna Setiawati Fera Tri Wulandari <p><em>Tera Computer promotes products through social media. Although transactions via social media require contact with admins and raise consumer confidence concerns regarding unclear product names, online businesses allow them to reach distant customers. This website-based online shop system aims to promote the shop, simplify sales and reduce operational costs. Consumers can make transactions and search for goods without needing to contact the seller, with easy access via the website without installing an application. The Tera Computer online shop system uses the Laravel framework which makes it easier to create programs, integrated with Midtrans and Raja Ongkir. Integration with Vue Js creates interactive displays, Midtrans makes automatic transactions easier, while RajaOngkir helps calculate shipping costs. This system makes it easier for customers to make transactions and procure goods and helps sellers with promotions and operational savings.</em></p> 2024-05-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication Penerapan Metode User Centered Design pada Aplikasi UMKM Berbasis Android (Studi Kasus : UMKM Kenyot Susu Boyolali) 2024-06-30T14:59:55+00:00 Lusiana Nurlaela Donna Setiawati Fera Tri Wulandari <p><em>MSME Kenyot Susu is one of the MSMEs in Boyolali that sells various processed foods and drinks made from colostrum milk. Currently, product introduction activities only involve participating in events and bazaars so that the community reach is not wide enough. Reseller registration is currently still done manually by coming directly to the location. This research focuses on developing Android-based MSME applications using the User Centered Design method which was built using the PHP, Javascript, and Dart programming languages and using the Flutter framework. The testing method uses a usability test with a questionnaire and is measured using a Likert Scale. This research succeeded in developing an Android application as an MSME information system that displays MSME profiles, products sold, reseller data but does not include buying and selling transactions. From the test results, an average score of 79% was obtained in the category (agree/good/like), which shows that the application design that was built was in accordance with user expectations.</em></p> 2024-05-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication Discrete Event Simulation untuk Analisis Pelayanan Bisnis Kuliner (Studi Kasus : Gacoan Merr) 2024-05-31T16:19:28+00:00 Muhammad Shofiudin Salsabilla Annafi’u Nur Aini Muhammad Sakhil Ihsan Raya Akbar Tiar Wibowo Dwi Rolliawati <p><em>A</em><em> queue is a group of people or goods in a line waiting to be served. It can occur when the number of visitors is greater than the number of serving resources. One of these queuing phenomena can be found at one of the fast food outlets, namely Gacoan Merr Surabaya. This study aims to identify and analyze the factors that affect queues and propose a more efficient strategy to solve queuing problems at Gacoan Merr Surabaya. The simulation model used is a discrete-event simulation model. The method in this study has stages that include problem analysis, literature study, observation, system modeling, and proposed solutions. The variables used in the research object include the time interval of arrival, the number of customers, the total number of servers in the ordering service process, and the total number of servers in the food manufacturing process, for a total of eight people. From the results of system modeling, it is found that the use of eight servers in the product processing phase can still be said to be less effective where the food distribution time also takes longer. Therefore, changes are needed in the product or food manufacturing phase by adding the number of servers used to process orders. The increase in the number of servers shows a decrease in the number of order queues in the product processing phase, and the food distribution time becomes faster.</em></p> 2024-05-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication Sistem Informasi Pencarian Rute Terpendek Pariwisata di Kabupaten Ende Nusa Tenggara Timur Menggunakan Algoritma Dijkstra 2024-05-31T16:19:29+00:00 Fitriah Indrianingsih Ufiah Emanuel Safirman Bata <p><em>The Ende Regency on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province, offers various attractive tourist destinations with its natural charm and cultural richness. However, visitors to the Ende Regency face the challenge of insufficient information regarding the shortest and most efficient routes to their desired tourist spots. To address this issue, a tourism route search information system is developed for the Ende Regency using the Dijkstra algorithm-based website. The Dijkstra algorithm is employed to find the shortest route between two points in a weighted graph.Utilizing a website as the platform for this system enables easy and flexible access through various devices such as laptops, computers, and smartphones, facilitating users in utilizing the system anytime and anywhere. It is anticipated that this system will assist tourists in navigating to tourist destinations in the Ende Regency more easily and efficiently.</em></p> 2024-05-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication Pengembangan Aplikasi Pengenalan Pahlawan Revolusi Indonesia Berbasis Android 2024-05-31T16:19:29+00:00 Maria Atik Sunarti Ekowati Kristyana Dananti Sri Wening <p><em>The development of Android applications is currently growing rapidly, which is the background for this research, there are various free and paid Android applications available on Google Play that we can install on Android-based smartphones according to our needs. The increasing development of Android applications nowadays opens up very promising opportunities for anyone who wants to become an Android application developer. The aim of this research is to make it easier for the public to get to know the heroes of the Indonesian Revolution, as well as to attract user interest&nbsp;who want to know and learn about the Heroes of the Indonesian Revolution and at the same time remind the public about the struggles carried out by the Heroes of the Indonesian Revolution. The method used in the research is the research &amp; development method (R&amp;D Method). The R &amp; D method is a research method used to produce certain products and test the effectiveness of these products. The result of the research is the development of an Android-based application for recognizing the heroes of the Indonesian Revolution.</em></p> 2024-05-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication Deteksi Pola Kejadian Bencana Menggunakan Algoritma Naïve Bayes di Kabupaten Boyolali 2024-05-31T16:19:29+00:00 Miranto Sri Agus Prasetyo Ari Wahyono Muhammad Abdul Aziz <p><em>Boyolali Regency, which is geographically located between Mount Merbabu and the still active Mount Merapi, does have high potential as a disaster-prone area. According to data from the Boyolali Regional Disaster Management Agency, during the period from 2022 to 2023, 936 disaster events were recorded in the region. These disasters have a devastating impact on ecosystems and the environment, causing significant material losses, causing psychological disorders, and even threatening human safety. In this context, detecting patterns of disaster events is an important step in disaster mitigation and management efforts. This research was conducted with the aim of understanding patterns of disaster events based on data collected by BPBD Boyolali. The method used is the Naive Bayes algorithm, which has proven to be a powerful tool in data analysis. The results of this research show a high level of accuracy of 92.52%, precision of 92.68%, and recall of 91.64% using the Naive Bayes algorithm. This indicates that the algorithm is effective in recognizing and classifying patterns of disaster events based on existing data. Thus, the results of this research can provide a valuable contribution to the development of an early disaster detection system, as well as assist the authorities in designing more effective mitigation strategies to protect the community and environment in Boyolali Regency.</em></p> 2024-05-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 JITU : Journal Informatic Technology And Communication